• After Sales 24/7 Available Service

    Allseas Spas; the company with its own Production (Swim-) Spas and also for the after sales service for most brands!

  • Quality Build From The Best Materials

    American made “Aristech” or “Lucite®” acrylic surface. Hand painted pure vinyl ester resin for adhesion.

  • Materials From The Best Source

    Allseas Spas provide superior quality by using Lucite® cast acrylic for making the very highest quality Spas.

  • Network Our Network Around The World

    Allseas Spas & Wellness bv , a company with an international network all around the world!

  • Delivery We Always Deliver

    All of our Spas, hot tubs and SwimSpas are delivered by huge ships and trucks to our depot here at Allseas Spas Bleiswijk in Holland

  • Our Service The Best Service Around

    Allseas Spas & Wellness, the company with its own production (Swim-) Spas and aftersales service for all other brands.

  • Our Team The Team We Build Over The Years

    The last few years have been a constructive period to our . Combining technical with a visionary understanding of wellness and its market, we made an beginning.

  • Our Future Innovation

    Allseas Spas is designed to deliver the ultimate hydro therapeutic massage, exclusive systems and components. We use the most leading and energy saving technologies

  • Cheaper to Run

    Our exclusive multi-layer insulation system locks in heat, keeps out the cold and makes our spas quieter. For the ultimate insulation system, add our "Thermo Lock Barrier".

  • Easier to Maintain

    After initial setup, however, your spa will remember your settings and you'll only have to turn on the jets, air blower and lights, knowing your spa will be the right temperature, clean and ready to enjoy 24 hours a day.

  • Built to Last

    Our solid "Tough Barrier" fibreglass base makes the spa much stronger. It also stops water, vermin and cold air getting inside the cabinet and damaging your frame or spa.

  • A Better Massage

    Dozens of pulse, swirl, deep tissue and air massage jets have been precisely positioned to target muscles in your back, neck, shoulder, legs and feet

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